Meet our Team

Meet our Volunteers. These are the people who freely give their time to develop the swimmers of tomorrow.

Expand the tabs below to view our members, coaches, co-ordinators and all of our other volunteers. If you can picture yourself as a volunteer we are always looking for help to run the club, find out how to apply here.
  • Poolside Helpers
    Poolside Helper
    • Charlotte Baxter
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    Poolside Helper and Team Captain 2017
    • Megan Bunyard
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    Poolside Helper
    • Megan Claggett
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    Poolside Helper
    • Bailey Danskin
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    Poolside Helper
    • Daisy Edwards
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    Poolside Helper
    • Ethan Gell
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    Poolside Helper
    • Keziah Gordon
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    Poolside Helper
    • Klara Hooper
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    Poolside Helper
    • Abigail Lawrence
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    Poolside Helper
    • Amy Pepper
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    Poolside Helper
    • Ellen Walker
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    Poolside Helper
    • Beth Wood
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    Poolside Helper
    • Annalise Wright
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