Crusaders Swimmers. We can’t get into the pool right now, but we can maintain or even improve our general conditioning and functional strength! Let’s do this… together!

Performance and Competitive Squads

Will I get back to my swimming performances when I get back in the pool?

Things have changed a lot in a short time. In our normal swimming week, we do a pool warm up and then depending on where we are in the training cycle and what competitions we have coming up we will work different energy systems in different amounts and work on swimming skills. Outside of the pool we have land training sessions applicable to the squads but typically these are once or twice a week. Now with no pool swimming you maybe wondering how you are going to get back in the pool where you left off. For many swimmers it won’t be a huge issue. Give it 4 weeks with good attendance and many won’t be far from where they were. For some it might take a little while longer but since we aren’t talking about 10ths of seconds at Olympic level, most swimmers will soon be back to where they want to be. I feel fairly confident in this because I’ve seen swimmers quit and then come back after weeks or many months and soon get way above, were they were when they stopped swimming. There are some factors to consider:

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      1. Many swimmers are growing, getting taller and stronger and often this shows as performance improvements in the pool.
      2. Determination – Getting back into the pool and wanting to succeed is a powerful weapon.
      3. Maintaining a level of fitness while not in the pool will help recovery of performance when you get back in the pool
      4. Nutrition – What your body requires may be different if you were training many sessions per week in the pool.
      5. Routine – As swimmers you had routine. The sessions were at the same times on the same days every week. Your bodies expected routine. Keeping a routine going is a great way to keep fitness. Don’t do something and then leave it few days before doing anything else. Keep fitness routine going.
What can I do to without my pool training?

Since the pools closed there has been so many people putting dry workouts on all the social media platforms or on club websites. There is some really good training out there and many delivered by some very experienced instructors. Some are not!

What should you be doing?

I will continue to source, construct and advise as the days and weeks go by. For now, this is the plan:

    • Live Land Training

Monday and Thursday there will be land training live delivered by Jo Pollard who trains our performance squad on a Thursday. We may be starting on Tuesday this week (7th April) as we are trying to get everything in place. The plan is:

        • 9-13 – All Skills Squads Tuesday and Friday 5.00 – 5.30 pm
        • 14+ – All competitive and Performance Squads Tuesday and Friday 6.00 – 6.30 pm
        • Of course, older swimmers from Skills are welcome to join the later session

Links to live training will be emailed out via Teamstuff

We are hoping to record sessions for those that want to rerun or couldn’t make the time.

Look out for details!

    • Strength and Conditioning

Swim England have created some videos which I would like you all to follow. Prior to pool closures they created Pre-pool routines for swimmers but are now advocating using these prior to strength and conditioning work. The routine is:


  1.  Raise Temperature
  2.  Mobilise
  3.  Activate
  4. Prime

There are different levels which I will look at introducing you to but a good start is to follow the two Swim England initial videos published so far:

Start with this warm up:

Then move on to week 2 exercises:

Do this as many times a week as you can but at least 3

    • HIIT – and Cardio

Many of you are going out running or cycling. Please be very careful. Actually, please be very careful in all exercising following the guidelines I sent out. No accidents please………….. and absolutely maintain a minimum of 2 meters with anyone you meet.

You can go out and run or cycle at a steady pace with a near steady aerobic heart rate (this is virtually impossible unless your route is very flat) or you can raise you heart rate to max for short bursts either by increasing your speed or by ascending a hill. If you have a hill near you, you can (after a few minutes of steady state to warm up) try and maintain your speed up the hill and the walk back down to recover. Start off with 4 repeats and then build up 6 to 8 depending on how big the hill and how you feel! You can do similar on a bike by either increasing your speed to max for 15- 20 seconds and the recovering by dropping back to an easy speed for 1-2 mins or climb a hill and recover coming down with a bit more of easy until you attack the hill again.

Skipping is a really great workout involving pretty much the whole body. It can be great fun with loads of variations you can do. This is one of the safest and best workouts to do in your garden.

Joe Wick – Great HIIT workouts for all the family

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Skills Squads

Below are some exercises you can do at home. Please remember to exercise in a safe space and do the exercises safely.

Download Simon’s Strength Training Plans

Join the Weekly LIVE Crusaders Land Training 

      • 9-13 – All Skills Squads Tuesday and Friday 5.00 – 5.30 pm
      • 14+ – All competitive and Performance Squads Tuesday and Friday 6.00 – 6.30 pm
      • Of course, older swimmers from Skills are welcome to join the later session

Links to live training will be emailed out via Teamstuff

Twice weekly 20-30mins Cardio Sessions (e.g. Jogging / Cycling)

SDP Swimmers

  1. Subscribe and Join in on PE with Joe Wicks (where possible)
  2. Stay active! Play, jog, walk, trampoline….

Other General Resources

  • AA
  • BB

Although we are not in the pool, with time to spare this is also an opportunity to learn. Some opportunities:

  1. Swim England – Valid until April 24th – Learn to Swim – Free access to all Swim England Expected Standard Videos. Each film features the individual outcomes in the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, Stages 1 to 7 and each outcome for the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework Stages 8 to 10 Swimming. See
  2. Free online CPD’s through the Institute of Swimming. Introduction to Front Crawl and Backstroke, Introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly. There are also other e-learning courses currently free – Deaf Friendly Swimming, Visually Impaired Friendly Swimming, Introduction to Disability Swimming and A Beginners Guide to Refereeing Swimming. Normally these are £25 per person but free at the moment. These are a good opportunity to up skill or just recap.
  3. GoSwim – If you register you get one free swimming video per day (they send so no choice). At the moment they are allowing unlimited access to all their videos for now.